What You Should Know About Choosing A Fire Extinguisher Unit For Your Home Or Building

Posted on: 17 February 2023

Every home and building should have at least one fire extinguisher unit. Commercial and industrial buildings will need many more, and you may even need multiple units in your home. There are different types of extinguishers, and they come in different sizes. You can get help choosing the extinguishers you need from the place that sells them or even your local fire department when they have fire safety programs. Here's a look at fire extinguisher options and why it's essential to choose the right ones.

Types Of Extinguishers And Their Uses

Some extinguishers contain water while others contain foam or powder. You wouldn't use a fire extinguisher unit that contains water on an electrical fire, so you can see why it's important to buy the right type of extinguisher for the location where it will be used.

Fire extinguishers are labeled according to the type of fires they put out. A unit with an 'A' on the label is for paper fires. These might be stocked in a library where much of the contents of the room are some sort of paper materials. A 'B' on the label indicates the extinguisher is for fires caused by flammable material.

A 'C' on the label is for electrical fires. 'D' fires are caused by certain metals, so this extinguisher might be needed in industrial settings. A 'K' on a fire extinguisher means the extinguisher can put out grease fires. These units are found in commercial kitchens.

A common type of extinguisher for home use has a label with 'ABC' on it. This fire extinguisher unit is capable of putting out paper, electrical, and flammable fires. Since these are the common types of household fires, an 'ABC' extinguisher is a good choice for home use and prevents confusion on what type of extinguisher to use when a fire breaks out.

Sizes Of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers come in all sizes. The standard extinguishers used in the home are large enough to be effective yet light enough to be handled easily. These are usually mounted on the wall so they can be quickly grabbed to put out a fire. This size is also suitable for office use when employees need to grab an extinguisher and be able to hold it easily while using it.

Industrial buildings need larger extinguishers since fires may be larger or have the potential to get big fast. These extinguishers are often on rollers so they don't need to be picked up. No matter what type of fire extinguishers you have, it's important your family or employees are trained in how to use them properly.

Deciding on whether to get a large or standard-size fire extinguisher unit depends on the area where it will be placed. An office in an industrial building may be fine with a standard unit that hangs on the wall when the room is small and a fire is not likely to get out of control before an extinguisher is put in action.

A manufacturing area may need multiple wheeled extinguishers to put out a fire that could spread through a wide-open manufacturing room or warehouse. A fire prevention company can go through your building and help you decide what type of units you need, the size you need, and how you should store them.

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