Protecting Your Roof With A Color Match Coating

Posted on: 27 December 2022

While having a roof coating applied can be a common type of improvement to make to a home, it is a project that is often not well understood by homeowners. 

Assumption: A Roof Coating Will Offer Minimal Benefits To The Home

There are many benefits that will come with applying a coating to your home's roof. One example of this could be the fact that this coating will be able to reduce the chance of water damage occurring by creating a barrier over the surface of the roof. These coatings can also be capable of minimizing any drafts that may have developed in the roof over the years. These benefits can help to extend the life of the roof while also making it a more energy-efficient part of the house.

Assumption: A Roof Coating Will Alter The Appearance Of The Home

When applying a roof coating, it is understandable for a homeowner to want to avoid making changes that could negatively impact or otherwise alter the appearance of the home. This can be especially problematic for those with older or even historic homes. Altering the appearance of the roof could dramatically impact the aesthetics of the house. For a home that has a historical certificate, these alterations could cause it to be revoked. Fortunately, color-match roof coatings can allow the roof to enjoy these protections without altering its appearance in a meaningful way. A professional roof coating service may even be able to mix the colors of the coating so that the coating will be as discrete as possible once it has been applied to the roof.

Assumption: Only Metal Roofs Will Benefit From a Color Match Coating

There can be an assumption many people make that only metal roofing systems will benefit from the use of a coating. These coatings can significantly reduce the risk of corrosion developing on the metal. However, the reality is that most types of roofing can actually benefit from this type of protective coating. In particular, tile and asphalt shingles can have their durability enhanced with the use of these coatings as these materials may have pores in their surface that could allow moisture to get inside them. Over time, this can cause the tiles or shingles to become brittle enough to crack and crumble. This can dramatically increase the risk of more extensive water damage occurring to the interior of the house. However, a roof coating can close these openings to keep water out.