How To Safely Use Air Tools In An Industrial Setting

Posted on: 16 September 2022

Air tools are commonly used for industrial applications. They can be very powerful and rely on compressed air. Therefore, in situations where other tools are not practical, such as electrical tools, air tools are a valid choice. There are many ways in which air tools can be used more safely than other tools.

Any Tool Can Be Dangerous

Like with any type of tool, air tools can cause injuries with a projectile or attachment. For example, a pneumatic nail gun can cause a nail to plunge into your body and cause serious injuries. To avoid this problem, you will want to train your employees on how to properly use the air tools and to also always be aware of their surroundings. Another employee might enter the work area and become injured by an air tool, or they might bump into the tool operator and cause the operator to become injured. 

Don't Point a Tool at Someone

An air too must never be pointed at someone. Regardless of whether this is done accidentally or as a joke, pointing an air tool at someone can lead to a serious injury. To reduce the risk of accidental injuries, workers should always wear protective clothing when using air tools.

Protect Employees from Loud Noises

Air tools can be very loud. The noise generated by the air tool can either originate from the tool itself or from another source, such as a nearby air compressor. Loud noises can cause hearing problems and can also be very distracting. Therefore, you will want to find methods that can be used to protect your employees, such as engineering your building to dampen sound and supplying hearing protection equipment such as earmuffs. 

Inspect Air Tools Before Using Them

The air tools must always be inspected before being used. This is done to make sure that the equipment is safe. For example, make sure that any hoses are not damaged when using the air tool. 

Beware of Vibrations

Working with any tools that vibrate can be uncomfortable and can also be distracting. Workers should use anti-vibration gloves and work on ergonomic mats. They should also be trained on how to correctly use tools so they are not standing in awkward positions.

Use OHSA-Approved Nozzles

Fortunately, there are some nozzles that are OHSA-approved and will be safer to use. These types of nozzles limit the amount of compressed air that can be released so that the air tool will be less dangerous. However, safety precautions must always be followed when using air tools to avoid any injuries.