Tips On Using A Crane Service For The First Time

Posted on: 8 April 2022

Do you need to make use of a local crane rental service during a major upcoming project? If you've never used a crane before, you might not have a clear idea of what exactly you are in for. Using a crane does take some preparation work even if you will not be the one personally operating the crane. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using a crane service for the first time.

Give the Crane Company As Much Information About the Project As Possible

You might know you need a crane but you might not know exactly which kind of crane or how much weight the crane will need to lift. Research the project and try to provide the crane company with as much information as possible. Take photos of the work area or whatever is going to be lifted in advance as possible. You don't want the day of the project to arrive and find out that the crane that arrives on your property is not properly equipped to get this specific job done.

Talk to the Property Owner, Facilities Team, or the Local Authorities If You Will Need to Get a Large Crane Past Possible Obstructions

Crane companies have some best practices they follow to get a large crane from place to place in a safe manner. But only you know the layout of your own property and if there are any potential obstructions or other issues that might make it difficult to get the crane rental onto your property so the work can begin. Talk to your facilities team, the owner of the office park you work out of, or even the local authorities if you think you will need some assistance with getting the crane on-site. Just as an example, you might need the local authorities to redirect traffic towards the office park for a brief amount of time while the crane is brought in.

Listen Closely to the Rigger or Any Other Crane Operator That Shows Up to Ensure a Safe Work Environment for Your Employees

When you use a crane service, the crane company will likely provide a crane rigger or operator to make sure everything is set up as safely as possible and the crane can be operated with peace of mind. Listen closely to all instructions and generally try to keep your own employees out of harm's way. The crane rental company likely carries insurance in case of injury or property damage, but you should still be cautious to protect your own business as much as possible.