Tips For How To Work With Stainless Steel

Posted on: 4 November 2021

If you have worked with other types of metals before, but have not yet worked with stainless steel, you may need help when getting started with this type of metal. Stainless steel comes with many advantages, such as being more resistant to corrosion, but you will also need to know how to work with it because of how unforgiving the metal can be.

Be Careful When Applying Too Much Heat

When you are welding stainless steel, it is important to know that the steel distorts itself substantially as a result of the heat application. Therefore, when you are welding the stainless steel, you will want to make sure that the heat is not applied too intensely to the custom metal. Fortunately, you can reduce how hot the stainless steel will get by using water or chill bars.

Use the Right Cutting and Drilling Methods

Stainless steel is a stronger material than carbon steel. It hardens faster and you may not be able to use certain cutting methods with stainless steel that are available with carbon steel. The thinner the disc you use when cutting through, the easier it will be.

Drill very slowly and use a lot of lubricants so you do not damage the stainless steel. Your drill bits will also last much longer and you will be able to finish the process much more quickly. Very rarely will a custom fabricator try to work with dry stainless steel and lubricants are usually required. 

Try Bending Stainless Steel

Given how strong stainless steel is, the best equipment for bending stainless steel is a press brake. You will not have to worry as much about the work hardening and you will be able to perform your job much more quickly.

Properly Clean the Stainless Steel

After you have fabricated a stainless steel product, you will need to scrub it very well with detergent and warm water especially when using stainless steel in applications where purity is essential. This is because stainless steel can be more vulnerable to contamination than carbon steel. Do not use a strong detergent because this will leave behind a residue.

It's important to fabricate the stainless steel properly the first time. It can be very expensive to rework your stainless steel and scrapping it is also expensive. Fortunately, when you properly fabricate and clean your stainless steel, you will have a very beautiful product that can be used for many years.

If you need help with stainless steel fabrication, reach out to a custom metal fabrication business in your area.