Important Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Advice

Posted on: 21 September 2021

Commercial refrigeration is important for a lot of businesses that require considerable space and cooling capabilities for food, such as restaurants. If you have this equipment in your building and want it to last, consider the following maintenance suggestions.

Be Diligent About Cleaning the Interior

You may have a commercial refrigerator that starts out clean in the week but soon gets dirty as items are taken in and out. Likewise, spills can happen. However, don't let the interior remain dirty because substances can seep into nooks and crannies that are very hard to access later. 

If you decide not to clean, then your commercial refrigerator will remain dirty in certain areas. Whereas if you clean the interior of your commercial refrigerator as often as you can, you can keep this equipment looking great and sanitary. Routine cleaning is pivotal for having an interior that lasts.

Inspect the Condenser Coil

Every commercial refrigerator will have condenser coils somewhere, such as in the back or at the bottom in the front. They can collect dirt and other things that could then potentially affect this equipment's performance. You thus need to inspect this part of commercial refrigeration often.

For example, open up the grating to see what condition the condenser coils are in. They need to be clean and not bent. If you see debris, you can use a portable vacuum to remove as much as you can. If there is structural damage, hire a commercial refrigeration contractor to properly restore the coils. Then your refrigerator can maintain the proper temperatures a lot better.

Review Cooling Performance at Certain Intervals

The purpose of having a commercial refrigerator in your building is to keep food and beverages cool. You can make sure your unit is performing this role correctly by keeping an eye on cooling performance and reviewing it at certain intervals. For instance, you can check the mechanism every couple of weeks to see how cool the interior of your refrigerator gets.

If the temperature levels are where they need to be, then you can go on with your day. Whereas if the levels are above the range you set using the thermostat, you may have a faulty component. You can find out for sure by reaching out to a refrigerator repair contractor. 

Your commercial refrigerator isn't a system you want to neglect. It has important systems and components that require your undivided attention. Keep this in mind as you put together maintenance plans and execute them. To learn more, contact a commercial refrigeration service.