Tips For Businesses That Use Industrial Submersible Pumps

Posted on: 22 July 2021

Many businesses rely on submersible pump systems in order to function. While these pumps are normally reliable, you do need to understand how to use and maintain these pumps so that they remain effective.

Monitor The Flow Of The Submersible Pump

You will need to make sure that you monitor the flow rate of the submersible pump. Depending on the systems that are powered by this pump, a sudden change in the flow rate could contribute to substantial production disruptions. Monitoring the flow rate of the pump will allow you to quickly determine when these problems are starting to develop so that the necessary repairs or maintenance work can be completed for the pump.

Avoid Overloading The Pump

Your industrial submersible pump has a limit on its flow capacity. When you are using the pump, you should always be mindful to avoid potentially exceeding this capacity. Making this error with the pump can cause it to suffer extensive damage and to break down. If you are finding that your pumping system is not sufficient for your needs, consider replacing the pump with a new unit that has the capacity that you need. When upgrading these pumps, you should also consider the demand that future equipment upgrades may cause so that you can choose one that will be able to meet future demand needs as well.

Protect The Pump From An Electrical Surge

Many submersible pump systems are electric. While these systems are among the most efficient pumping systems, there is a risk of them suffering damage caused by powerful electrical surges. Minimizing the risk of losing your pumps to this type of damage requires the installation of safeguards that mitigate the risk of electrical surges occurring as well as the damage that they can cause. Surge suppression systems are an essential component, but you will also want to install a lightning rod on the building. A lightning strike could overwhelm these suppression systems, or it may bypass them entirely.

Keeping the submersible pumps that your business utilizes working requires you to follow some basic best practices. At a minimum, you should have tools that can monitor the flow rate of these pumps so that potential problems can be found early. Respecting the flow capacity of the pumps and protecting them from electrical surges are simple steps that help you avoid potentially significant damage that may force you to replace the pumps.

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