Oilfield Equipment: Questions About Renting Machines

Posted on: 18 June 2019

As planning gets underway for your small oilfield, tasks and costs may be mounting. You might be already planning to bring on more equipment but feel uneasy about making big purchases for machines that you'll have to store. Renting, however, could get you the equipment needed without having to put out thousands of dollars to buy machines outright.

Ask About Permits

You may already be swimming in the different permits that you need for the oilfield. You might forget that you'll also need permits for some of the machinery you plan to rent. You need to know whether you should schedule time for permit applications or whether rental staff can complete and submit documents on your behalf. Your company could be fined without proper documentation, so ensure that even rented equipment is legally allowed by the municipality.

Seek Recommendations

Even with oilfield experience, it's possible that the machines you request aren't the best for the site you're working on now. You might request equipment because you've worked with it before or because you think it's easy to use; it may be time to question what you think you know. Ask rental companies for their own recommendations about what machines would be perfect for the oilfield work. Their suggestions could make site work easier for your employees. Those recommendations could also end up costing you less in rental fees because they work faster or better and you won't need to rent them for as long.

Ask about Operators

Your own workers may be stretched to their limits to ensure the oilfield construction and work is done on schedule. If you're renting oilfield equipment, you could benefit from experienced operators, too. Discover whether you'll need to reach out to industrial temporary staffing agencies in your area or whether the rental company can refer some freelance operators to you.

Remember Thread Protectors and Other Small Components

Thread protectors, seals and other minor pieces are easily forgotten, but they are just as essential on any oilfield. If you're renting temporary pipes, flanges, or threads while finishing the oilfield, you will also need these small parts. Find out if your rental company can supply these pieces or whether you'll need to independently purchase them.

Your oilfield will take time and knowledge before it's finally ready to produce on a regular basis. While the process unfolds, being able to rent equipment for the site can save money and enable more work to be completed. Meet with managers, rental company staff, and workers to create a schedule that is beneficial for everyone. To learn more, contact an oilfield equipment rental company.