Top Features That Make A 59 URAI Roots Blower System Great

Posted on: 10 June 2018

Known as one of the most widely used blowers in motors and industrial equipment that is diesel powered, the Roots blower has gained a name for itself that has stuck around for a really long time. If you are going to be investing in a 59 URAI Roots blower, you are making a wise decision for sure, no matter what the application or setting the blower will be used in. While you may know that this blower is one of the best, what you probably do not know is why that is the case. Check out this short list of features that make a 59 URAI Roots blower an excellent blower option. 

Provides high intake pressure even when engine speeds are at their lowest. 

With some types of blowers that are used in diesel engines, the system cannot accommodate low engine speeds and function at their peak because they need high RPMs to build enough intake pressure. The Roots blower is different in that it does not require an engine to be running at high RPMs just to provide enough intake pressure for satisfactory pressure supplication. This is one of the reasons why the Roots blower has always been a preference for passenger-style cars, trucks, and other vehicles. 

Can work alone or as part of a high-vacuum engine system. 

Most blower systems that are used in engine applications can work either in a no-vacuum zone or under high vacuum pressure. On the other hand, the Roots blower can handle either/or, which is quite the advantage of you need a versatile blower for a versatile engine. It would be illogical to change out the blower system in a diesel engine every time vacuum pressure changed, so the Roots blower make good sense in these settings.  

Utilizes both grease and oil for proper lubrication of the moving components. 

The Roots blower system has two different points of lubrication: the gear ends and the drive ends. A lot of engine blowers use either grease or oil to lubricate the gear and drive ends, but the Roots blower is designed to use both. The gear ends get a hefty dose of oil throughout operation by the oil-feeder unit, and heavier grease lubricates the drive ends because these ends can generate more friction during rotation. This double lubrication helps keep the blower functioning smoothly for a lot longer than some other blower models. 

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