3 Different Kinds Of Couplers

Posted on: 26 March 2018

Putting two pieces of pipe together isn't as easy as just sticking the ends together and hoping that they will stay together. There are a number of things that can be used in order to hold those pipes together, depending on what kind of pipes you are dealing with and what kind of use they are going to be used for. Couplers are the most common way to keep those pipes together. There are a variety of types of couplers that you can use, either alone or in combination. 

1. Threaded Couplers

One very easy way to couple pipes together is to use threaded couplers. You can either have a pipe that has a threaded female end and a pipe that has a threaded male end and connect the two of them together. However, the more common way is that both pipes have threaded female ends and a connector can be attached to each pipe. A female connector has the threads on the inside of the pipe or connector and a male coupler has them on the outside and is inserted into the female connector. Some kind of sleeve may be placed over the point where the pipes are connected. 

2. T Couplers

A T coupler will let three pieces of pipe come together. Generally, these connectors are just slid over the various pipes. They can be soldered on to the pipes, in the case of metal pipes, or using some epoxy or adhesive in the case of PVC pipes. These connectors can be found in places like wastewater line connections. Several pipes can come together into a T connector and then all that wastewater can flow out to a single pipe and then out to the sewer or septic tank. 

3. Corner Couplers

Pipes cannot easily go around corners. Instead of fighting to bend a pipe so that it will fit around a corner and run the risk of weakening or destroying a pipe, it's just easier to put a corner coupler on two pipes and then let it work that way. The water or other fluid will flow through the pipes, the pipes will get around the corners, and everyone will be happy. 

If you are doing home remodeling and you are messing with your pipes in any way, it's important to make sure that you have the right kind of connectors to put the pipes together and the right kind of material to fasten the connectors to the pipes. 

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