Four Advantages Of Using An Automatic Glass Unloading Machine

Posted on: 26 December 2017

Glass, that super fragile material you have to thank for toastier homes and clear views from your car windows, goes through several processes before it becomes window glass for homes, buildings, and cars. Usually, factory workers handle the glass, but that is dangerous for a number of reasons. This is the primary reason why your glass manufacturing company should invest in, and use, automatic glass unloading machines. Here are several advantages of using such a machine.

No Finger Smudges or Body Oils on the Glass

When human workers move sheets of glass around, the glass often gets finger smudges or body oils on it. This means that you will have to pay another set of employees to do a final cleaning before the glass leaves the factory. Otherwise, your customers will get glass sheets that look used or dirty, and that is not the kind of image you want to project for your factory. 

The automated loading/unloading machines use suction cups on each of the four corners of the glass sheets to pick up and move the glass sheets. Human fingers do not touch them at this stage, or any stage, of the manufacturing process. The machines pick up the glass, move them to another conveyor belt or to a machine that cuts and shapes the glass. Then the automatic glass machines pick the glass product up again and move it to the next step or to the next machine in the process.

Less Glass Broken

Humans are not meant to be the most graceful of creatures. They often drop stuff as they are working. In a glass factory, that is definitely NOT something you want to happen, but it does. If you switch over to using an automatic glass loading/unloading machine, you significantly decrease the odds that the glass sheets will be broken. The pneumatic suction cups on these simple machines only let go of a glass sheet after it has moved the glass sheet to its next location. It will not drop or break the glass, which is more than anyone can say for human error.

Smooth, Quick, Fluid Transport of the Glass

If you ever get a chance to see one of these glass loading/unloading machines in operation (and you can ask for a demo!), then you will see their smooth, quick, and fluid movements. Even when the machines are commanded to pivot, turn, or spin the glass a certain direction prior to loading or unloading, there is no jarring motion, and the speed is incomparable to that of a human. These machines also fit in much smaller spaces than the average human, making their efficiency and fluid movements that much more hypnotic to see.

The Glass Loaders/Unloaders Cannot Cut or Burn Themselves

Because these devices have no flesh to injure, you are able to pick up and move sharp-edged slabs of glass, hot glass that has just been removed from the furnaces, and even really cold glass that would otherwise cause bare skin to get stuck to the glass. The most advantageous of these three is the fact that the machines can touch hot glass without injury. The machines do not have to wait for glass to cool before picking it up and moving it.

A few seconds after the sheets of glass exit the furnace, the automatic glass loaders/unloaders can pick up the sheets and continue on. This cuts production time down significantly, as workers would have to wait for the glass to cool down before picking it up to move it. Instead of several minutes, the machines only require a few seconds. 

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