Busted, Broken Down, But Still On Track: Rental Equipment That Keeps Your Factory Going

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Factories that operate non-stop, 24/7 for almost the entire year often encounter major machine and equipment repairs. The problem lies in the fact that when major equipment busts and/or breaks down, your plant is stuck in limbo, waiting for a repair technician. That is a decrease in production values, losses in work hours and pay cuts, and plant inefficiency. Do not let this happen to your plant. Rent the following items to keep production lines moving.

Rental Boilers

Industrial boilers are their own sort of "species." They are vastly different from residential boilers and other types of boilers used in places like schools or low-rent sky rises. Thankfully, if your factory's boilers break down, there are companies that provide rental boilers to plants like yours. Rent the boiler by the day, week or month until you can either purchase a new one or get the old one fixed. The rental company drops off and picks up, but you will have to get an HVAC technician of your own choosing to install the rental.

Air Compressors

If your plant uses air compressors for anything, then you know exactly how important they are to the flow of the company's work. Leaks and broken compressors are a real time-killer. Work begins stacking up in the areas where compressors are used and are currently out of commission. Bypass this misery and rent an industrial air compressor for big jobs, and a portable shop air compressor for smaller jobs.

Conveyor Belts

Automated conveyor belts are awesome. Your employees never have to think twice about moving stuff along when the conveyor belts do it for them. However, conveyor belts break too. Manual conveyor belts are always available for rent, which means that your employees can stay on the work line and still push things along as before.

Scissors Lifts

Scissors lifts help move finished products out of the way and place them in storage. Rather than worry about how a forklift is going to lift a pallet of product onto a shelf up high, your warehouse and dock crews can place the goods onto the scissors lift platform, raise and lower the platform to meet the shelf, then unload the pallet of goods. The best part is that these scissors lifts can be driven like a slow-moving vehicle off the rental lot and driven to the factory (if the factory is not located too far from the rental store).