Successful Towing With Security And Flexibility - Advantages Of Nylon Tow Ropes

Posted on: 25 April 2017

Whether you're a business owner looking to relocate some heavy equipment or a weekend hobbyist attempting to move your boat around, a successful tow is impossible without strong and effective tow ropes. Through developments in materials technology, nylon tow ropes have become the best option for almost all applications, though some people still require convincing.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of transitioning to use of nylon tow ropes. Abandoning traditional ropes and embrace the march of technological process can allow you to complete your tow job with the reliability and efficiency you desire, while simultaneously guaranteeing your ropes remain strong and durable.

Strength To Weight Ratio

One of the biggest challenges that comes with traditional tow ropes is balancing increased strength with increased weight. A heavier rope, after all, will require more force to stay taut and be successfully towed, thus counteracting some of the strength that was added. This is even more true in marine applications, as the weight of absorbed water creates an additional challenge.

Nylon ropes, however, are much lighter and don't imbibe water in the same way that traditional ropes do. This will allow them to remain easy to transport even as they have to be multiplied in order to guarantee stability, reaching an equilibrium that makes your town much simpler.


Fraying ropes are ropes that are liable to break, and a broken tow rope can create long delays and dangerous conditions. As mentioned above, traditional rope fibers may also hold water, making them an excellent breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other invasive species which are unpleasant and can eat away at the rope's strength.

Nylon polymers have taken giant steps in recent years, allowing nylon tow ropes to hold up to even the most rigorous usage imaginable. Additionally, they have a long lifespan, allowing your investment in a nylon tow rope to return service for many years to come.


Moving equipment in and out of limited space can require some very specific maneuvering which may be hampered by an inflexible tow rope. If your rope can't make a tight corner or is at risk of being damaged by the friction from a bend, you may not be able to deliver your equipment as precisely as you desire. Nylon ropes are much more flexible and much more capable of withstanding abuse from friction, making them an excellent choice for tight spots and flexible areas.

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