3 Accessories That Can Make Your Borescope More Durable

Posted on: 18 April 2017

When it comes to ensuring the safety of any aircraft, maintaining the plane's engines is vital. Diagnosing potential mechanical problems within an airplane's engine can be challenging. Since it is too costly to remove the engines in order to complete a visual inspection, most mechanics rely on borescopes to help them see into the engine while it is still mounted to the plane.

If you find that your aviation borescope is constantly in need of repair, here are three accessories you can purchase to make your borescope more durable in the future.

1. Invest in a light source for your borescope.

One of the easiest ways to prevent your borescope from sustaining any damage while it is being used to diagnose potential mechanical problems within a plane's engine is to increase the amount of light the borescope has access to during use. More light will allow you to better navigate the borescope through an aircraft's engine, reducing the potential for damage.

Investing in a light source for your borescope can be beneficial when it comes to maintaining this delicate piece of equipment. Look for a light source that offers regular, high-intensity, and ultraviolet lighting to maximize the efficiency and durability of your aviation borescope.

2. Invest in a protective shroud for your borescope.

An aviation borescope snakes its way through the interior of an aircraft's engine in order to allow you to gain visual access to the mechanical components within the engine. This means that the borescope is exposed to environmental contaminants that could compromise its function over time.

Investing in a protective shroud for your borescope will allow you to protect this piece of equipment from corrosion and ensure that it performs properly well into the future.

3. Upgrade the lens of your borescope.

The lens of your aviation borescope plays a critical role in determining the quality of the images that this piece of equipment can produce. If you want to have access to clear, bright images as you attempt to diagnose mechanical problems within a plane's engine, then it may be beneficial to invest in an upgraded lens for your borescope.

A radiation-hardened lens will be impervious to scratches, clouding, or warping as the borescope navigates the environment within a plane's engine. Upgrading to a radiation-hardened lens will allow you to increase your borescope's durability in the future.

Ensure that you always have access to the diagnostic equipment you need to make mechanical repairs by adding some simple accessories designed to protect your aviation borescope from damage.