Keep Your Air Clean And Your Equipment Running - Advantages Of Plastic Grease Traps

Posted on: 12 April 2017

Any facility that's involved in food processing knows the challenges of successfully filtering grease from the air. While it's an essential component in cooking and food preparation, the airborne particles can create a serious mess and, eventually, a health hazard. There are equipment based solutions to handling that problem, but it's important that you stay up to date with modern technology.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages to switching over to the use of a plastic grease trap. While metal traps may have dominated the market for a long stretch, keeping yourself aware of these new options will allow you to make an informed decision for your business that will keep you clean for many years to come.

Increased Longevity

While the process of cleaning a grease trap is not one that many people look forward to, the prospect of replacing one entirely is an entirely new level of stress. Metal grease traps, however, will eventually accumulate enough rust to necessitate a change, leaving you looking at a shut down while you attempt to make the repair.

Rather than regularly struggling with the challenges of rust, consider transitioning to a plastic trap that will be resistant to airborne damage. Modern chemical compounds can create a solid plastic piece of equipment that will reliably handle the stresses it's placed under.

Decreased Weight

Finding the right place to mount or otherwise locate a metal grease trap often means finding a structural component of your work space that can handle the weight of that trap. Since the trap is bound to get heavier as grease accumulates, this can be a particularly difficult challenge.

One way to combat those weight issues is to turn to modern plastics which have a much higher strength to weight ratio. This will allow you to mount your trap in places that are not only convenient, but are also extremely efficient, guaranteeing maximum grease removal for minimum stress.

Easy Maintenance

One of the best features of any plastic component is the ease with which its moving parts and pieces can be designed. Your plastic grease trap will have pieces that you can remove, clean, and repair quickly and easily, guaranteeing that you have to deal with minimal downtime. Cleaning is also much easier with plastic, as your trap will be specially designed to avoid allowing grease to infiltrate, making cleanup often as simple as wiping layers of grease away.