3 Home Projects Where Scaffolding Equipment Could Be A Great Help

Posted on: 3 April 2017

When you spot scaffolding for sale or for rent at an equipment rental store, you may just pass it right on by without giving any thought to how useful it could be to you as a homeowner. However, scaffolding can really be useful if you plan to tackle certain projects around the house or on your property on your own. Take a look at these common DIY projects homeowners do that could highly benefit from having a good set of scaffolding on hand.

Tree Trimming - If you are like most homeowners, you will perform the basic tree trimming and manicuring every year on your own instead of hiring someone to this for you. As long as you have a small chainsaw and a little tree trimming experience, this isn't too big of a job to do on your own. However, climbing around on a ladder to trim a tree with a saw in your hands can be pretty challenging and dangerous. Renting a small scaffolding set to set up just at the base of the tree is a good way to give yourself a stable place to stand while you work. 

Performing Gutter and Roof Maintenance - those gutters will have to be cleaned out every year if you want them to stay free flowing and occasionally, you may have to do some patchwork to the outlying shingles up on the roof. You can rent a portable scaffold that is easy to maneuver in place because it has wheels on the legs that lock in pace and roll as needed. These types of scaffolds are an excellent choice over a traditional ladder when you are doing work to some of the higher features on your house. 

Building a Structure - Are you planning to build a building outside of your home or even add on an addition to your home? If so, scaffolding could incredibly useful to have around at the onset of this project. Once you reach a certain point in your building endeavors, you will need ladders to reach certain points, such as when you need to fasten siding in place at the top or if you are adding metal roofing to the top. It is a lot easier to traipse around on the stable platform of a scaffold with building materials than it is to climb around on a ladder and hope you can hold onto your supplies and not fall.