Types Of Rolling Carts You Need For Your Home Salon

Posted on: 13 February 2017

As a home based salon owner, you know all too well what items make life easier. Having multiple types of products, tools, and relaxation devices at your disposal can make or break your home salon and your customers experience. One of the ways that you can make things easier on you, and make your client's experience relaxed, is to have rolling carts in your home salon. This makes it easier to move your tools around wheelchair bound clients and out of the way when necessary. Here are a few types of the rolling carts you should consider.

Rolling Iron Cart

One of the ideal rolling carts for at home salon is a rolling iron cart. What this cart offers is a safe place to store your curling irons and other hot iron supplies in an easy to roll bin. This is ideal for two reasons. The first is that you have the ability to move the cart for wheelchair bound clients and can easily accommodate their necessary positioning. The other reason is safety. If a young child gets near the cart, you can easily and quickly move it out of the way and into a safe area away from the child. This is much safer for smaller salons where keeping the curling iron in a wall mounted or station mounted area may be too easily accessible to smaller hands.

Fire Resistant Steel Cart

A rolling car that is fire resistant and has a stainless steel flat top with drawers may sound very specific, and it is. This type of cart is perfect if you want to do wax treatments, hot oil treatments, hot rocks for massage, or other related treatments. The stainless steel gives you an easy-to-clean surface that will not be damaged easily and will be resistant to heat that may lead to a fire. It also gives you drawers that can be used for storing different refills for the wax units, towels, candles, oils, and other massage tools. This is ideal if you want to offer this type of spa treatment during a traditional hair salon appointment.

Locked Rolling Cart

There are some tools that, as a salon owner and beautician, you realize are highly valuable. These tools may be used for specific clients, treatments, and hair types. With that in mind, you want to make sure they are locked up safely. You also have the ability, with a locked rolling cart, to lock up clients items while they are getting certain treatments, like massages, that may take longer than others. This makes a locked rolling cart and ideal option for your home salon.

These are only three of the available rolling carts that you may want to consider for your home based salon business. You may find that others fit your needs as well. With that in mind, consider contacting your local rolling cards manufacturer for a catalog. Visit websites like http://www.garlandsinc.com to learn more.